liz saintsing portrait

Liz Saintsing’s work is continually inspired by her childhood upbringing in rural North Carolina where nature always knocked on her door and begged her to come out and play. She recalls vivid memories of hunting for bird nests in the woods and intently watching gold finches and cardinals swarm her backyard bird feeder. Her affinity for birds has grown over the years, and she often draws inspiration from the complex creatures. Geese, pigeons, and ostriches are just a few of the bird motifs she incorporates into her work.

Liz graduated with honors with a BFA in printmaking from Guilford College. She studied fine arts in Rome for five months where she honed her craft and broadened her perception of art on many levels. She continued to expand her printmaking skills by taking lithography and intaglio classes at Wake Forest University. After graduating, she headed to the west coast and became an assistant to the highly regarded San Franciscan artist, Beth Weintraub.

After seven years of California living, Saintsing has returned back to her Southern roots. Instead of hunting for bird nests, she now hunts for colorful silks, linens and other various textiles to incorporate into her art. She can often be found in her Southern studio creating new imagery and printing. She continually seeks inspiration for new designs from the wild world around her.

All of Liz’s products are hand printed and one of a kind. Each piece receives the utmost attention to quality and detail. Liz hopes you enjoy each product as much as she enjoyed creating it.

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